Posted: September 17th, 2017

Impact of technology on minimizing the response of the command and the control room

2.1 First Section
Clearly every chapter is started in a new page. However, please make sure that the page numbers continues in Arabic and continuously. So this page is 4 and not 1.
2.2 Second Section
Notice that in this report we have followed one standard of writing titles where every word is capitalized (with the exception of small words like of, to, in, on, with, the, a, etc).
Here is a title of a sub-section
It is without a number, bold and in font size 12pt. You can use colors if you wish within your report. Anywhere you like. However, please make sure that they are clearly readable and printable.
2.3 Third Section
It is really crucial to use one international standard for citation and referencing. Please see the example of references shown at the end of this report. This is just one of the examples. You are free to use other international standards. However, you HAVE TO be consistent, precise, accurate and complete. Journal papers should be written differently from conference papers which are different from books which are different from dissertations. Every reference should have author names, title, publisher, publication year. Every journal paper should be written with the same style. Same for conference papers, books, chapters, dissertations, etc. Be consistent and complete. I cannot emphasize this more. One more advice, your report becomes week if you use websites as your main references. Try to minimize the use of websites as references and if you even to be better do not use websites at all.
Turnitin is programmed carefully so it does not consider the references as part of the plagiarized content. However, if you misspell the word REFERENCES in the references section then Turnitin will count the references as part of the plagiarized content. Thus, please remember to spell the word REFERENCES correctly.
The next chapter is showing a simple example of correct citation.
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