Posted: February 4th, 2015

Imperial War Museum Report

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Formative Report.
Genocide Field Trip.
As part of your study for this module, you are required to attend 2 exhibits at the Imperial War Museum: The Holocaust Exhibition ( and the Crimes Against Humanity Exhibition ( Details of how to find the museum are available here:
Please arrange a time to visit that is convenient to you but allow yourself time to prepare the report. The report is due in on the 5th of December, so it is strongly suggested that you visit the museum by the first week of December at the latest. Do allow yourself plenty of time for this visit. The material considered can be challenging. If you wish to bring other members of your family to the exhibition, please note that children under 11 are not normally allowed into these particular exhibitions and that they are recommended for children over 14.
When at the museum, please ensure that you work your way through the exhibits, listening to survivors’ stories and using the video as well as reading the material available. Please also spend time using the archive material made available in the Crimes Against Humanity exhibition. Please note that there are audio guides available for hire too. It is entirely up to you as to whether to hire one of these guides or not, but do please note that they are available in a number of languages. In preparation for your visit to the museum and your first field trip report please use the materials and links below.
Preparatory Materials for self guided Field Trip and Report.
Appadurai, A. (1998). Dead certainty: Ethnic violence in the era of globalization. Development and Change, 29(4), 905-925.
Baker, R. (1990). The Refugee Experience: Communication and Stress. Recollections of a refugee survivor. The Journal of Refugee Studies. 3 1-13.
Brown, R. J. (1995) Prejudice. Oxford: Blackwell.
Palermo, G. B. (2000). The roots of evil: The origins of genocide and other group violence. International
Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 44(2), 261-263.
Ross, J. I. (1998). Situating the academic study of controlling state crime. Crime Law and Social Change, 29
(4), 331-340.
Sereny, G. (1977). Into that darkness (The mind of a mass murderer): An examination of conscience.
London: Picador.
Smith, S. D. (2009) Massacre at Murambi: the Rank and File Killers of Genocide. in N. Loucks, S. Smith Holt
and J. R. Adler. (Eds.) (2009) Why We Kill: Understanding violence across cultures and disciplines.
Hendon: Middlesex University Press.
Staub, E. (2012). The Roots and Prevention of Genocide and Related Mass Violence. in M. Anstey, P.
Meerts, & I. W. Zartman, (Eds.). The Slippery Slope to Genocide: Reducing Identity Conflicts and Preventing Mass Murder. New York: Oxford University Press (available from his website )
Waller, J. (2006) Becoming Evil: How Ordinary People Commit Genocide and Mass Killing. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
You may also find some of the material on the Imperial War Museum’s Website helpful, including their links to other sites and their survivors’ stories link. Additional websites include: the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials Archive at Yale and Aegis Trust:
Genocide Field Trip Report (formative assessment 1).
Your visit report should be approximately 1,000 words in length and should provide (a) a brief (approx. 500 word) commentary on your observations during the visit and your own reactions to what you have seen; and (b) a brief (approx. 500 words) critical evaluation relating what you have seen to the literature you are reading for the module. In other words, a brief discussion of the relevant psychological and policy material, and its relationship to what you actually saw. Excessively short or long reports will be penalised and a full reference section must be submitted at the end. (Please see the guidelines below for more information about referencing.)

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