Posted: September 17th, 2017

implementation and applications of new technology in pharmacy health care service .

implementation and applications of new technology in pharmacy health care service .

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new technology in pharmacy as example in outpatient part (pharmacy robotize solution) ,
(consis the ease of automated dispensing).
and i inpatient part as example( pyxis ,blispack device,metroesptm ,auto print unit dose ) as example just to be clear to you . and if you write also other new technology which include in outpatient , inpatient and in iv room . 1. Title Page (on page 1)
2. Abstract ? 200-300 words (on page 2)
3. Table of Contents with page numbers (on page 3)
4. Introduction should contain Topic statement & Objective
5. Background / Literature Review (about the topic)
6. Methodology / Approach (research design, procedures)
7. Results
8. Discussion (of the results)
9. Conclusion / Summary (with Recommendations)
10. Appendix / Tables / Stats
11. Resources / References / Bibliography
? Font: Arial / Times new roman
? Size: 12 pt
? Margin: On all sides 1 inch except on Left side 1 ? inch.
? Alignment : Flush left
? Spacing: One and half line
? 20 pages max
? Number of copies: 2 (one for submission)
? Number each page as a Footer
? Cover page: Topic/Author/Course/Semester/Date-Year/Organization on Cover page
? Preferred Reference Style for one author (more than 3 use first name with et al):
Pechenik, J.A. (1987) A short guide to biology. Harper Collins Publishers, New York, 194pp
? Within the body of the document use Ref. number only as Superscript (small font) or in brackets.
? Note for Title Page
Title, Author, Statement below Authors name (by Author Name):

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