Posted: June 5th, 2015

improved technological risks in supply chain management

Proposal structure.
1- research questions & title : need to be smart ( please choose specific company in UK and do not hesitate to improve the title too).

Specific: Which academic subject? Industry/sector/company
based? Where? Who?
Measurable: Do you have the skills/expertise/facilities to
undertake the research, e.g. collect / analyse data?
Achievable: Is it achievable within the available time?
•Have you considered ethical, distance, financial constraints?
•Is it of your interest that you would work on for about 6 months?
Realistic: Can you gain access to data required for this topic? •Does secondary data exist? Can you recruit enough sample?
Timing: Do you have time?
•Is the subject topical / relevant at the present time? •Will it still be current when you finish your project?
What is the point/aim of doing it? Does it provide: o fresh insights into the topic
o contribution to the existing literature o solutions to problems / challenges
• Are you able to state your research question(s) and objectives clearly?
• Does it contain issues that have a clear link to theory?
• Does it reflect your own learning/ academic subjects?
• Does it match your career goals?
• Does it fit the specifications and requirements of your academic institution.
2- introduction:
A-Background —-→ literature review.

*Literature review

• Identifies an extensive range of relevant sources (research + theories)
• Summarises what information these source will generate
• Synthesises the information from various sources
• Analyses and critically evaluates the account of others
• Justifies the connection between the literature and your research
• Explains how these literature related to your research topic
• Discusses the implications of the studies & how you intend to build on them
• Identifies any gaps in the literature and describe how you intend to fill them

B- Aims & objectives:

(I tried to create an aim & objectives but it need to be improved for sure)

Aim-→ Minimizing technological threat by using technical and non technical methods.

* To determine potential technological risks in supply chain.
*To create methods to overcome potential disruptions.
* To determine both advantages and disadvantages of technology in supply chain.

3- Research design. (methodology and methods).

Please choose (survey- questionnaire) do not choose interview.
(Data analysis: use the SPSS software)

4- Scope and limitations
5- Time scale -→ Gantt chart. Start from 13th of May to 26th of April 2016.
Do not forget please my vacation from 20th of June to 25th of August.
6- Resources
(about what I need) -→ I need a course SPSS to learn more or case study to help me.
7- References : minimum 5 references ( support and opposite)

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