Posted: September 17th, 2017

Delirious enchantment

Watch the clip listed below.
In the article, ‘Delirious Enchantment’, Adrian Martin writes of the ‘inseparable fusion’ of form and content, describing them as ‘equal partners’. He says that, in the best films, ‘everything has got to move and mutate in concert’.
Drawing on key concepts raised in Martin’s article, discuss how the specific elements he refers to as ‘representational’ and ‘non-representational’ work together to produce the scene in the clip you have viewed. How does everything in this scene ‘move and mutate in concert’? How do you think this effects the way we as viewers experience the scene?


This question requires you to do three things. Make sure you do all three:
1. Explain how you understand the concepts
2. Apply the concepts to a close analysis of the scene
3. Use what you discover in your analysis of the scene to answer the three questions above

To prepare for this question, review the way Martin explains these terms. Watch the clip several times and think about how the concepts might apply to this scene. This is not a research task. You are asked to think about the concepts, think about how they can help you to understand how the scene works and apply them to your own analysis. You must not draw on reviews of the film from other sources. Your examples should refer only to this scene, not to other parts of the film.

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