Posted: September 17th, 2017

In your role as an Advanced Practitioner or Transitional Nurse Practitioner you manage a variety of patient situations, choose one recent situation and describe the presenting symptoms. In your answer • discuss the relationship of the presenting sympt

Describes the presenting symptoms. No symptoms describes
Disease process described Symptoms notated but not described fully Symptoms described adequately Symptoms described as they relate to the patient Symptoms well described as they relate to the patient
Discusses the relationship of the presenting symptoms to each other Not attempted
Symptoms not clustered Some symptoms related to the cluster Most of symptoms related within the cluster Relationship between all symptoms clearly articulated
0 – 5 5.5 – 10 10.5 – 14 714.5 – 18 18.5 -20
Discusses how each symptom will be managed. Not attempted
Focus on medical care Discusses a mix of nursing and medical care where the nursing implications of the medical care is not included The management of the symptoms is accurate and little evidence provided The management of the symptoms is accurate and some evidence provided The management of the symptoms is accurate and well documented in the literature
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