Posted: September 17th, 2017

Individual Negotiation Reflective journa

Individual Negotiation Reflective journa

Order Description

– Subject name is Cross-Cultural Management
– I will upload all the criteria to you.
-please read the Assignment Description&
Marking Rubric & case study
– Please follow the instruction and sample which I am about to sent to you
– I will provide all the lecture notes for you
-APA reference style

-We have 3 weeks negotiation for 3 cases, the final week 12 negotiation is about w9 case study,my group is salesperson and finally we agree 900,000 price with customer group,

W10 & 11 I didn’t go to class, I have no idea what topic did classmate negotiate in class,could you please according to the case to suppose that some topics is that they may be mentioned, as they have been mentioned to write this essay. related to the lecture theory is very necessary

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