Posted: September 17th, 2017

Industry Trends Briefing

Prepare a 1500 word (Max) research BRIEF (business report format) covering the global trends for the industry in which you wish to develop your career.  The purpose of this research is for you to understand the growth aspects of the industry as well as any potential risks which may limit your career path in the medium to long term.  Although your research will be wide and thorough, you need to condense your report to the main facts that impact your career choices and explain why these are the most significant factors.  Consider the use of images, wiki functionality and other intuitive tools to highlight the key points.  Draw on credible business trend data and academic reports to support your positioning of the sustainability of the industry to support your long term career.


Questions and concepts you might consider:

There is no set structure for your report, however it should be presented in a professional manner and utilise the functions of the wiki to make it attractive to the reader.  You should state what YOU think (showing robust evidence that supports this view) and how you have reflected on a range of sources of information in coming to some conclusion about how this industry is suitable for your future career plans.


Some reflective points that may assist guide you:

What are the most significant trends impacting employment in this industry?

–          Consider local, regional and global trends depending on your desired choice.

How does this impact my personal career planning and opportunities?

How reliable is the data on which this report is written (single source or multiple)?

What are the limitations the research may have?

Is there evidence of a growing industry or is it in decline (in which geographical areas)?

How do IKNOW there will be a secure future for me in this industry?

What is the employee turnover and who are the major employers?


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