Posted: September 17th, 2017

Initial Policy Analysis

Initial Policy Analysis

In week 2 you are introduced to Carol Bacchi’s ‘What’s the problem?’ (WTP) approach to policy analysis.
Bacchi’s approach serves as the foundation for this course and you will need to use this policy analysis tool in
each of your assessments.
Your first assessment requires you to engage with Bacchi’s (WTP) approach and explain what her approach
to public policy analysis means. This assessment requires you to develop a 2 minute video clip (using your
mobile phone). You are required to respond to each of the three questions below.
Provide a 2 minute video response which answers each of the following questions: –
§? Question 1: How does Bacchi understand public policy?; and
§? Question 2: What are the key features of Bacchi’s WTP approach?;
Assessment Criteria
Your work will be assessed on the extent to which: –
§? Your responses demonstrate a clear and accurate understanding of Bacchi’s thinking about
public policy;
§? Your responses demonstrate a clear and accurate understanding of Bacchi’s (WTP) approach
questions (ie what is the ‘problem’ represented to be? and what assumptions underpin this
problem representation?);
§? Your video clip is clear and well presented; and
§? Your video clip makes effective use of the 2 minute (and does not go overtime).
Assessment 3: Initial Policy Analysis
Value: 30%
Length: 800 words
Due: Sunday 6 September 2015 (11:59pm) submitted online via the course
In this assessment you will use Bacchi’s first three questions to begin the analysis of your case study (which
you will use for this and the final assessment). This 800 word written assessment is not an essay. You are
required to submit a single response (structured as paragraphs) to each of the three questions. You should
begin with a claim, then provide evidence and further explanation of this claim. You must reference your
answers appropriately and write your answer clearly and carefully.
You are required to analyse your policy case study by providing written answers (approximately 270 words
each) to the first three questions from Bacchi’s (WTP) approach.
In relation to your policy case study provide an 800 word written response which answers all of the
following questions: –
§? Question 1. What’s the ‘problem’ represented to be in your case study?;
§? Question 2. What assumptions underpin this/these representation/s of the ‘problem’?; and
§? Question 3. How have this/these representation/s of the ‘problem’ come about?
In order to complete this analysis, you will need to become very familiar with Bacchi’s (WTP) approach (see
POLI1066 Course Reader) and the policy materials for your case study provided on the course blackboard.
You will also need to use other sources to support your analysis including relevant material from the Course
Time will be dedicated to work shopping this assessment in the tutorials. You should also refer to the
course blackboard where you will find exemplars and other advice.
Assessment criteria
Your work will be assessed on the extent to which you have: –
§? Accurately identified and justified (with evidence) how the policy problem has been represented;
§? Accurately identified and justified (with evidence) the assumptions which underpin the problem
§? Accurately identified and justified (with evidence) how the problem representation has come about;
§? Accurately used appropriate and relevant readings from the POLI1066 Weekly Course Readings;
§? Accurately and appropriately used Bacchi in your analysis and referencing: and
§? Presented your findings in accordance with the conventions of good academic writing, structure and
please write make sure you follow the inst rations please i really need to get a top mark for this OK thank you

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