Posted: September 17th, 2017

Insider trading

My finance professor required me to talk about “insider trading”, and I am required to submit a three page outline bout this topic.

There are some points that I require to see which are:
1) Explain and define “Insider trading”
2) what are the causes and effects for “insider trading”
3) mention Martha Stewart story with insider trading as an example for the topic, and how did it end like.
4) You can add another current story in this subject.
5) Is it a problem? Why?
6) How to solve this problem?
7) Any statistics and numbers for this case
8) Any brief case studies about this topic
You are free to choose and add any main points about this topic as long as it covers this topic, and makes it better. Remember this is a finance course and topic, so try to connect it with finance.

Write the three page outline about this subject and make the outline clear with explanations for each point. Try to make it organized because  it will have to be  distributed  to my class mates and to my professor.

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