Posted: September 17th, 2017

Instructions:There are five (5) questions below

Instructions:There are five (5) questions below. Please choose two questions to answer from questions 1 through 4. All students will answer question 5.   Each answer is expected to be a minimum of two (2) pages in length – double spaced. Please do not exceed (4) pages per question.
Begin each question on a new page, typing the question, single spaced at the top. Font should be 12 pt and margins 1 inch all around. Please put your name and page number in the header (see header for this handout for example). NO COVER SHEET necessary. NO abstract is necessary. APA 6th edition format is to be used for all citations in text. You must appropriately cite references used for all questions on the last page using APA 6th edition standards.
Evaluation: You are expected to utilize class readings as well as outside sources to thoroughly answer the questions. ALL class readings should be considered as sources, whether required or optional. Per the syllabus, the use of additional references is encouraged but not required.
Sources should be academic resources including empirical research and theoretical articles from peer reviewed journals. These journals may be accessed through the library or the library website via database searches. When appropriate you may use anecdotal accounts from newspapers, websites etc. to explain your answers. However, websites that give opinion based essays etc. are not appropriate sources. Websites to cite statistical facts as needed are appropriate. Website resources should be minimal.Class notes (citing the professor) are not an acceptable resource.
You will be graded on how well you integrate the readings and other sources in defining and analyzing the concepts presented. This means that you must do more than simply mention the source – you need to explain why the source is relevant and how the source supports your answers. Each question requires reference to one or more sources.
You will also be graded on writing style including organization, spelling, typos, sentence structure and adherence to APA 6th Edition. Answers are expected to be objective and professional writing is expected. You may use first person if you are giving your opinion and if the question calls for this.
The page limit per question is 2 pages.
1.    How do persons with disabilities fit into a multicultural paradigm? Discuss the intersections of oppression that might affect persons with disabilities who are also members of another marginalized group i.e. a person with disabilities who is also gay, or black, or homeless.

2.    The concept of privilege has a central role to play in understanding multiculturalism from a critical theory perspective. Discuss and reflect on the concept of privilege. Choose two social groups and give examples of their privilege in everyday life. Describe how each of these groups, given the examples you shared, could create a different experience about the way privilege functions.

3.  Required Question:
Sanchéz’ article introduces the concepts of identity/identification and position/positionality. Define each of the four concepts. Use examples from your discussion/reflections, field experience, and/or personal experience as real life examples of each of these concepts. Explain why your example fits the concept.

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