Posted: September 17th, 2017

Integrative Seminars

Task 5.2
In this task you will use the case of Playa Serena who introduced early in the course as a resource to put into practice what you have learned about planning in business administration. You can access the case (see the attachment) to see the results of the survey conducted by the hotel owner (see the attachment)
Specific instructions
• Read Chapter 6 of the book Fundamentals of directors.
• Review the case of Playa Serena.
• Evaluate the following situation: Antonio has decided to replace Rafael, the operations manager. He understands that you need a professional in their work efficiently; you have full confidence and help you manage, as if he were running the hotel.
You’ll help Antonio with the task of integrating the new employee with the rest of the staff:
• Create a sheet of job description for the post of operations manager for owner review of Playa Serena. Compose a draft that includes five (5) tasks proposed for this employee. Using the following template in the attachment for the job description.
• Indicate what would be recommended for you for the recruitment process for this position steps.
• After selecting the person, Antonio to start an orientation period. Detailed in what would be the induction process for new operations manager of Playa Serena.
• At the moment, there is no training program in Playa Serena. Antonio considers making one for next year, if the economic situation improves. What would be your recommendation?
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