Posted: September 17th, 2017

Intelligence-led policing

Intelligence-led policing

Identify critical factors and important issues relating to intelligence-led policing such as:

Why are police organisations concerned with intelligence-led policing?
What does research tell us about intelligence-led policing?

Choose the Australian Federal Police website including if available

Annual reports
Mission statements
Business/Operational Plans
Management Plans
Reports on Review of policing

and critically discuss

How the police service engages with the global issue (intelligence led policing) do they even mention it? How is it presented? Is it tied to outcomes or policies and practises? Has the service committed resources to this issue?

The priority they give to the issue (have they assigned resources to managing it? Is it discussed in any of their review of policing?

Compare and contrast the police organisation’s approaches to intelligence-led policing. What are the key differences between what research says policing services should be considering and what policing services say they are doing?
In what ways do intelligence-led policing shape how the AFP operates? (what they do and how thy do it)

Introduce your work, including
? An overview of your approach to the topic, including identifying intelligence-led policing and the Australian Federal police Service
? An outline of the key issues relating to intelligence-led policing and
? The resources you will use to defend your review of your chosen police service (i.e. organisational documents)
2) Provide a critical discussion of the research relating to your topic
3) Provide an outline of the approach taken by your policing service to intelligence-led policing
4) Provide a critical discussion of the differences and similarities between research material and organisational documents
5) Conclude your work with a summary of the key points identified in your essay

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