Posted: September 17th, 2017

Interest -bearing securities and their role in Portfolio management

Task details: an explanation of interest bearing securities, distinguishing between money-market securities (bonds, debentures, etc- both public sector securities and private sector securities) and managed interest-bearing securities. their role in portfolio management. Illustrate with appropriate examples.
1. the respective roles of money market securities, longer-term government and corporate sector interest bearing securities and managed interest bearing funds in portfolio management. in particular, examine why one should invest in these securities rather than other assets – and/or their role in conjunction with other assets in a portfolio.
2. the assets allocation process by which funds are allocated to interest-bearing securities. in particular, distinguish between the role of money market securities, often associated with allocations to “Cash”, and other securities whose allocations is to the longer-term “fixed interest or interest bearing securities” and/or to “international fixed interest” securities.
3. Examine techniques of valuation of these securities. Illustrate with worked examples.
4.Discuss the performance of these asset classes over a long time period (10 years or longer), their current levels of performance and expected returns relative to inflation.
5.Specialised portfolio management techniques e.g. , duration, convexity and immunisation.
6.Risks attaching to money market securities and longer-term interest-bearing securities.
7.Outline the role of foreign issued money market and of medium to longer-term debt instruments in the portfolio management process, including the attendant risks.

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