Posted: September 17th, 2017

International Business


Each student will write an 10-12 page paper (double-spaced, 12 font, 1 in. margins) and will present the paper with slides in no more than three-four minutes.

1. Introduction: One page. Provide an overview of your paper.

2. MNC subsidiaries. (est. three pages)
Select ONE multinational/global corporation with significant operations in at least two countries outside the US. Conduct research on the operations of that MNC in each of two countries and the types of people it staffs in each place. In writing the paper, assume that you are considering job offers that would take you from the U.S. to one of the two countries from your research to work at this MNC. You are conducting research and applying it to your own personal situation in order to make the best decision as to which transfer would be most appropriate for you. Find detailed information on company operations in each country (scope and location of operations, types of positions available, etc.) as a basis for this decision. What opportunities and threats in the political and economic environment does the subsidiary face at this point in time? What would be the implications for your own career development of working there?

3. Living conditions in cities where subsidiaries are based. (est. three pages)
Select one city in each country where your selected MNC has operations. Then gather information on what living conditions would be like working for the subsidiary in this city. For example, where would you most likely live, what mode of transportation would you most likely use to get to work, are there safety concerns, how big is the expatriate community, how much would it cost to live there, what would you personally seek to do for entertainment, etc. Hint: try Internet searches with your city and “expatriate”; check out sites such as,, for some general information.

4. Self-analysis (est. three pages)
Write a candid self-analysis to consider the pros and cons for you personally in working for each of these two subsidiaries:
– Evaluate the extent of cultural distance between yourself and natives of that country: apply culture concepts covered in class.
– Describe your own background and the ethnic background of your family and how these have influenced the type of cultural environment most comfortable for you.
– If you have had previous cross-cultural experiences, discuss them and the way in which they might help you deal with culture shock. Assess your ability to adapt to life in the two countries.
– If you have family obligations, describe them and how you intend to deal with them, e.g., extent to which your spouse could adjust to life in each country. If you have children, describe how you would help them adjust–schools where they could study, etc. If you are single, how will you cope with loneliness in a strange place?
– What aspects of working for each subsidiary would you enjoy? Which aspects would create headaches for you? What challenges would you face?

5. Conclusion (about 1 page)
Conclude by telling which country subsidiary you would prefer to work for and explain why.

FORMAT: This paper should be personal. Every part of it should relate to your decision regarding which job offer would be most appropriate for you. You may write the paper in first person but use an academic style.

The paper MUST include references. This means either footnotes or citations within the text of your paper indicating the sources for each piece of information. There should be a list of all references at the end of the paper. Do NOT copy sentences from any of your sources without using quotation marks. Try to paraphrase rather than quoting: use your own words. Use at least seven different sources. Do NOT use Wikipedia. Do not rely solely on Internet sources: look for recent articles from business periodicals (be sure to include the date in your references
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