Posted: September 17th, 2017

Internationalization of Pfizer inc. Achieving the recommendation of the new international structure

Internationalization of Pfizer inc. Achieving the recommendation of the new international structure

You wrote a report for me a couple of weeks ago on a new destination for internationalization for Pfizer Inc. I have attached this piece of work. This new piece of work I require is a follow up of what you wrote.

Instructions for this coursework:
You basically have to explain how the company can achieve the recommendation you proposed in the first coursework.
-Please explain how you will manage the new international structure.
-Again the focus is not to explain what you have learned but apply it to a hypothetical situation. This coursework should consider the level of internationalization and develop necessary level of relationship in the new
international structure. As the internationalization form will develop further the level of the relationship will enhance. Please explain as a plan for the future.

Question 3: What should I do for this coursework?
All of the second coursework are expected to discuss the strategy and structure fit of the company you have selected for the first coursework.
Then according to the recommendation that you have given in coursework, you need to explain how the company can achieve the recommendation. The possible difficulties as well as what they should do, should be explained within the second coursework.
If your recommendation is exporting then you need to explain the following weeks in detail: Export – Channels of Distribution, Logistics, Risk and Insurance; Export- Pricing, Contracts, Documents and Methods of Payment; Buying From Overseas; Pricing and Contracts for Overseas Procurement.
If your recommendation is foreign direct investment then you need to explain the following weeks in detail: Technology and Knowledge Transfer; Absorptive Capacity; Outsourcing; Global Manufacturing Networks; Global Supply Chains.

Question 4: How should I write my report/ essay? Should I follow a certain structure?
The structure is your decision. As long as it has all of those weeks listed above. Exporting recommendation should have all the information on the listed lectures. FDI recommendation should have all the lectures listed above. The lectures that are not listed such as international production 1 and 2 are optional. If you find it necessary and add value to your report please add them. Extra points will be given to those who recognise and use these subjects.

Question 5: What is challenging in this coursework?
The coursework asks you to manage the process of internationalization and run the international operations. The international strategy of the company will determine the rest of the decisions that they can give. The main trade-off is between local responsiveness and cost efficiency. The cost efficiency can only be achieved through certain decisions. The coursework should have coherence and explain throughout for the same strategy. This is very important and if there are conflicts in your explanation then you may either get a low or failing grade. Make sure that you are aware of this trade-off and explain your coursework around that.

This coursework is about implementing your recommendation from the coursework 1. Please do not forget that and explain how can they achieve your recommendation.

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