Posted: September 18th, 2017

Interpreting Resources and Research

Interpreting Resources and Research
Read through  “Online Health Information” and  “Evaluating Internet Health Information”. The tutorial   is a valuable tool to understand when dealing with scientific resources and research. In addition to these two resources, please review the Kansas State Chapter 1 resources(pgs 7-22) to understand how scientific research is conducted. Once you have read through all these resources, please answer the following questions:
1. Visit the following website to review it’s usefulness as an online resource,, Would you trust this website to be a valid resource to learn about whole grains? Why/why not?
2. After looking around the website, what did you learn about the Whole Grain Stamp? Do you trust this marketing tool? Why/why not?
3. Would you recommend this website to others who want to learn more about whole grains? Why/why not?
4. Research and find a scientifically reliable resource/website you may find useful to use during this nutrition course. Share the website with us, and explain why we should trust this research or resource as a valid website.

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