Posted: September 17th, 2017

interprofessional working – physiotherapy

the assignment is as follows and requires being academically written. with harvard style referncing essential.

a) Critically evaluate the following statement:

“Undergraduate experience of interprofessional working reduces interprofessional conflict following graduation”

b) With reference to the literature, identify strategies that a novice practitioner might employ to reduce interprofessional conflict.

Assignment Guidelines are:

There are different ways of approaching this assignment and students may choose to to agree or disagree with the statement, take a broad approach or choose to focus on a particular area. However, evaluation of the statement through critcial appraisal of the literature is essential. Moreover, strategies proposed to reduce conflict must be critically debated.

Key issues you may wish to consider include:
1. An outline of undergraduate experience with regard to interprofessional working.
2. Examination of the literature, (including professional bodies) and the recomendations for interprofessional working.
3. Critical use of literature to describe areas and reasons for potential conflict.
4. The implications of interprofessional undergraduate experience for the practitioner.
5. A balanced view is provided considering points for and against.
6. Brief personal anecdotes may be used to illustrate points raised but must be discussed and evaluated within the context of the literature
7. Details regarding programme specifications and detailed placement information is not required!

The essay needs to be double line spaced with a recomended text size of 12, using the harvard style of referencing.

Marking guidelines:

Introduction 5%
– setting the context of the assignment,
– signposting of the assignment.
Critical evaluation 50% –
– statement critically evaluated with reference to the literature.
– Experience (where included) and literature is evaluated and synthesized to support the discussion
– the literature clearly addresses the question
– A good understanding of the topic is evident
– A balanced view is provided considering points for and against

Identification of strategies to address issues – 30%
– A range of strategies to reduce interprofessional conflict are discussed and critically evaluated with regard to literature.
– strategies are appropriate to address issues raised and realistic for a novice practitioner to implement

Conclusion 10%
– Drawing together main points
– assignment brought to an effective close

Mechanics 5%
– Format of references in text and reference list
– Scope of refs
– Written style
– Grammar and spellings

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