Posted: September 17th, 2017

Interview summary for an architecture design studio – Aileen Sage (


Interview summary for an architecture design studio – Aileen Sage (

The client requires a summary based on research about the interview target such as their background/current projects/special experience in the architecture field, or any interesting points you hope to ask them during the interview. A minimum two page summary of your current understanding of the structure of the practice you are to interview and the relationship of that structure to the way you suspect innovation and design is undertaken, delivered and considered by that practice.

5-8 interview questions are required.


Your preliminary set of interview questions in response to this knowledge as outlined in summary are to be presented in a professional format suitable for distribution and framed with your personal commentary on why these questions are relevant.

Interview Questions information:

The information gathered and presented should be organized around (but not confined to ) the following topics:

1. Practice Type (sole trader,partnership,company)
2. Practice Size (people and typical project size)
3. Practice Structure and Organization
4. Project Operational Structure (how projects are staffed and run)
5. Markets (what is the client base,where the projects come from)
6. Specialization and/or areas of key focus
7. Marketing and Media: Promotion & Awards
8. Technologies, software and Innovation
9. Approaches to Professional Bodies and Qualifications & Legislation
10. Involvement in the Academy
11. Outlooks for the future: personal and professional ambitions
12. Divergence and difference – what sets the practice apart?
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