Posted: September 17th, 2017

Investment and Portfolio Management


Interest-bearing Securities and their role in Portfolio Management.”

You are required to
– describe, with examples, the range of Interest-bearing securities which are generally available on major money markets and capital markets, their features, historic and current / expected yields,
– the risks (if any) associated with these investments and
– how they are used in economic policy and portfolio construction and management., including a discussion and examples of valuation, duration, convexity and immunization.

Details of the Assignment requirements, suggested points for detailed examination and penalties for late lodgment are in the Subject Outline.

You are required to complete this essay individually (not as a Group Assignment).

You should follow the following typing conventions:

• Times New Roman font (at minimum , 12 pitch)
• A4 paper – 1.5 line spacing; and
• Top, bottom, left and right margins to be at least 2.5 cms from the edge of the page.

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