Posted: September 17th, 2017

Is therapeutic Hypothermia in Cardiac arrest patients with return of spontaneous circulation best practice ?

Literature Review: From a Pre-hospital Care (Paramedical) perspective.

Is therapeutic Hypothermia in Cardiac arrest patients with return of spontaneous circulation best practice ?

Length: 1500 – 2000 word (not including references) – No more than 2100 Words.

From Assessment/Assignment Outline:
Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is necessary for paramedics resulting from providing best possible patient outcomes, reducing practice variation and consistency. Conducting literature review in relation to Evidence-Based Practice topic in pre-hospital care settings will enhance student’s understanding on how to use the best evidence from research and their clinical skills to improve patient outcomes and pre-hospital care systems.
Additionally, students may deeper understanding of integrating EBP paradigm and process to daily practices which may lead to delivery highest quality for patients.

The literature review will cover all aspects of medical sciences in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and clinical skills align with research knowledge to contribute new ideas for improving clinical experiences and hand-on skills. Additionally, you are required to use the content from chapter 1,4,5,6 to answer why the topic you choose is a part of EBP paradigm, how rigours evidences (quantitative or qualitative study) are to support topic.

This assignment is to provide students with a clear understanding of how to transfer Evidence-Based Practice into clinical settings through conducting a literature review. A literature review aims to identify gaps in current knowledge, and build up body of knowledge in paramedic areas. The literature review will enhance students’ performance on library skills (use the range of databases for literature searching), critical reading, specific research reviewing and evaluating skills. It is important that students understand the concept of Evidence-Based Practice of where and how the information is initiated, then using the information from literature reviews to intertwine and constitute a nexus for which practice evolves in regards to create an own guideline in the next assignment.

No more than 10% of online sources will be tolerated unless these are online peer reviewed journals or journals from data bases sourced online (that is, online journals). Online dictionaries, definitions and biased special interest sites should be kept to a minimum.


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