Posted: September 18th, 2017


Dear writer, this assignment is a discussion board. The professor posted a question, and my peer answered it, so I have to response to my peer’s post.
Please write in a very simple language. I’m international student and my professor knows my abilities in Enhlish.
Here is the question:
At each milestone in a system development project some form of a go/no-go decision is made about continuing the project. What factors should be considered in this decision?

My friend’s name is Swetha. So please include her name in the response. Such as I agree with what you said Swetha or something like that. Here is my Swetha’s response:
In the System Development Cycle, there are key checkpoints in the definitions, Construction and Implementation phase where a go/no decision is made.(Brown, C. (2012))

In the Definition phase, a project manager or system analysts conduct feasibility analysis. The decision criteria of the feasibility of the project depends upon three factors economic, operations and technical. (Brown, C. (2012))

Economic: This is capturing the ROI of the investments based on a cost-benefit analysis. Sometimes this is difficult to measure as some of the infrastructure improvements focus on improving the intangibles like productivity and hence might indirectly impact the revenue.

Operations: This is focusing on how the new system would address the current gaps. Based on the analysis of the technical output and how it addresses the user goals, the go/no go decision is made.

Technical: This is primarily focusing on the technical feasibility such as complexity, % success of completion, technical risks involved or how the technology being used compares to the market technologies available.

In the Construction phase, this go/no decision is made during the user acceptance testing. This step is critical in testing out various use cases for the new system and if it meets the needs of users. Once the user or system test analyst signs of this phase, then the project would go to the next level

In the Implementation phase, it depends upon factors such as:

1) Converting the end users to migrate to the new system is a crucial part in adoption of the new technology. If the end users do not adopt, then the team needs to evaluate making a go/no go decision

2)Operations phase: If the system does not work and address the needs as expected, then the team needs to evaluate a go/no go decision

3) Maintenance: If the system does not scale as expected and the performance level deteriorates, then the team needs to evaluate a go/no go decison


Brown, C. (2012). Managing information technology (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson/Prentice Hall

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