Posted: September 18th, 2017

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Thank you for helping to write this argument paper, the course that I am taking is the comic research and analysis in the business area. Here’s my assessment’s instruction and critical essay sample.
Professor’s Instruction Craft an 800-1,000 word critical essay that responds to this prompts and that shows me your ability to read and write critically about a comics or graphic novel text. Use both the images and the text as support for your claims, along with any outside sources that help you with your argument…but focus on the graphic novel or comics you are writing about. Be sure to follow MLA formatting guidelines outlined in our syllabus, and remember that a Works Consulted page and correct in-text citation of sources are REQUIRED for an MLA essay.
Wealth is a key attribute shared by most of our comic book superheroes. Explore the connections between Tony Stark (Iron man), Bruce Wayne (Batman), and Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and craft a persuasive essay that demonstrates how their shared financial status is both an advantage and possibly a disadvantage to their mission. Use specific panels, dialogue, and events from the selections we have read to support your arguments. You may also draw on outside resources to consider whether wealth and/or successful business can make it difficult to really BE a superhero…but be careful to cite those sources.
<Batman: Year One> and <Green Arrow: Year One> could be the good resource that my professor recommended.

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