Posted: September 18th, 2017

Japanese animation

Research the origins of Japanese animation (manga, animé).including subtopics; history, inventor, and write in one paragraph about 3 the most famous Japanease anime (e.g. Dragon ball Z, one piece and Naruto)

please write each paragraph with its topic such as

Famous animes
1. Dragon Ball Z

no conclusion
references (chose any 2 of the following references in addition to 2 reference from websites but not from wekipedia)
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Access electronically

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791.433 C626 Carlton & Brunswick libraries

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741.569 M2 77 Swanston

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Clements, J & McCarthy, H 2012, The Anime Encyclopedia, Revised & Expanded Edition A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917, Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley. Good background / starting point

Macwilliams, M 2008, Japanese visual culture explorations in the world of manga and anime, Sharpe, NY. Good visually; well written & clearly set out

Patten,F 2004,Watching Anime, Reading Manga : 25 Years of Essays and Reviews, Stone Bridge Press, New York. Helpful; good for weak students

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and Littlefield Publishers. Specific to children’s literature

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