Posted: September 17th, 2017

Jewish History

Part A.

Answer two of the following, based ONLY upon course readings, tours and lectures. Information from other sources is ineligible, and please provide notes (e.g. Kelly, p. 12) when you cite written sources. All assigned written sources must be cited at least three times. Be sure to avoid “group writing” and unattributed citation.

Each essay should be 4-5 pages, double spaced, with 3 or so images each in addition to the page count, placed at the end of the essay. Each image must be labeled, and no two people may use the same image collection.

1. Some scholars have claimed that Jews in ancient Rome were an isolated and forlorn group in the second to sixth centuries. Is this true? Provide concrete examples.

2. This course has shown concrete ways that archaeology is important for contextualizing the world of the Rabbis, and that the writings of the Rabbis are important for the study of Roman culture. In this essay, prove this thesis.

3. The Arch of Titus is among the most monumental remains of the Jewish War. Why is it so significant? Be sure to cite archaeological as well as literary sources to prove this thesis.

Part B. What was the single object or “thing” that you saw related to Ancient Rome that you found most significant/liked best (Do not repeat objects mentioned in Part A)? Explain why, in 3-5 pages.

PD: The readings he is talking about are all in this google drive

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