Posted: September 17th, 2017

Journal article analysis.

1. Identify 3 types of journal articles on a topic. E.g. a randomised controlled trial, a review, a case study, etc. Write on how and why they were chosen, i.e. how they meet the aim of your assignment; Identify the type of article each one is and how you determined that.

2. Using the 3 chosen articles advance your discussion in a manner that addresses the overall aim. What are the similarities and differences between the articles in their contribution to the topic.

3. Draw your conclusion from the issues raised. This should provide a clear synthesis of your discussion outcomes.

4. What have you learnt by going through the search and analysis? How have the experiences contributed to your future ability in managing a research project/ CPD?

6. Writing and referencing skill will be assessed. You will submit your assignment to Turnitin via Bb.

1.General information about the pathology, which is the focal liver lesions.

2. Types of articles and selection criteria

3. Article Critique

4. Similarities between the original, case and review study articles

5. Differences between the original, case, and review study articles

6. What has been learnt
What has been learnt from the study of the above articles?

7. In the Future
How have the experiences contributed to your future ability in managing a research project.

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