Posted: September 18th, 2017

Katz' managerial skills

Topic: Katz’ managerial skills

Topic: Katz’ managerial skills (See Chapter 1 of Schermerhorn, et. .al. 2014)
Robert Katz argued that all managers require three key sets of skills: conceptual, human and technical skills. He also suggested that the depth of skills in each area differed between lower level managers, middle managers and top level managers.
Compare the skills required by low-level managers versus high-level managers.
Briefly discuss, with an example, the main developmental challenges for a low-level manager climbing the promotion ladder.

Some further guidelines. – Use Discover It! Searches and GoogleScholar for your research to identify academic journal articles.
Textbooks may also be used to a limited extent.
– Google “desktop research” internet sites are not acceptable academic sources.
– Students should aim for a minimum of three (3) peer reviewed journal articles, in addition to other limited research, such as newspaper articles, industry group web sites or government web sites (eg ABS) etc.
Know the rules that determine your score!!
Assessment 1 – Marking Criteria (30 marks)
– Demonstrates an understanding of theory in relational to key concepts (40%) 12 marks
– Application of theory with relevant, practical examples (30%) 9 marks
– Quality of Research (20%) 6 marks
– Format, spelling, grammar, punctuation, referencing (10%) 3 marks
Students should aim for a minimum of three (3) peer reviewed journal articles, not including other “desktop”research.
NB. Minimum does not mean only… it means good enough for 50%
Please do not upload your file as a PDF. It must be in Word format.

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