Posted: September 17th, 2017

key characteristics linked to RC and the brain?/What are the major biological

key characteristics linked to RC and the brain?/What are the major biological

How are each of these key characteristics linked to RC and the brain?
What are the major biological theories of addiction (use modern ones)
Evaluate the evidence base for these
What evidence is there for other psychosocial factors in either causing or maintaining
So weigh up these two lines and decide how the neural circuits git in

Essay 3: Describe the mechanisms behind cortical
reorganization, and discuss the limits in terms of clinical
outcomes providing specific examples from the literature.
Key concepts: cortical damage (acute, developmental, specific examples), sensory
deprivation on brain (eg blindness); cortical reorganisation (neural growth, neural
change), plasticity, clinical recovery, functional recovery/rehabilitation
Part 1:
Describe different mechanisms (individually or group together depending on how
much info you have on each)
Theory behind these mechanisms; why they occur
Evidence for recovery in animals and humans using this mechanism
Context for recovery using this mechanism (acute injury or developmental
Part 2:
What is meant by clinical outcome? Diferent types or definitions ofthis?
So which of these types are seen for each mechanism? Is the CR only ever short
term, small, functional recovery or can it be more?
Evaluate the utility ofthe mechanisms for human recovery from brain
damage…overall is recovery possible?
What is the evidence against these mechanisms producing full clinical

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