Posted: September 17th, 2017

Language Learner Assignment

Language Learner Assignment

Paper details:
This should be at least 3 to 5 pages including works cited in APA format Do an analysis of emergence of regular and irregular past tense in learner language, with attention to telic and atelic verbs , making sure to consider the Aspect Hypothesis (pages 203- 206 ) in the text book: Second language Learning Theories by Rosamond Mitchell, Florence Myles and Emma Marsden Use transcripts and / or video available in our text: Tarone, Elaine. (2009) Exploring Learner Language. Oxford: Oxford University Press Structure of your paper: 1. Please begin with a brief introduction (no more than 500 words), explaining the issue you are examining and why it is of interest to you and/or significant. You might discuss what is already known, hypothesize about this area and / or provide a brief summary of background studies. Is your question related to larger issues? Describe any hypothesis you may have. 2. Formulate your question. Articulate your hypothesis. Your data may be drawn from f: a. Transcript and / or video available in our text: Tarone, Elaine. (2009) Exploring Learner Language. Oxford: Oxford University Press. b. An existing transcription of classroom language c. Your own transcribed classroom observations or student written assignments d. Transcriptions of learner language found in a published source e. Learner language you or a colleague elicits from L2 learners / speakers 3. Analyze the data. Please be sure to include the actual data you have marked up that indicates how you have arrived at specific tabulations, if relevant. 4. Share your reflections and conclusions. Was the analysis you did useful or not? Is there something you would do differently in the future? Are there further steps one might wish to take in the future to pursue your question? Did your analysis confirm any hypothesis or model? Does your analysis shed any light on learner language or learner processes in the classroom?

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