Posted: September 17th, 2017


OSCOLA REFERENCING 70 sources divided by 3

This is for three orders each one is related to same subject LAW. but are three different questions I will attach all three questions.

Constitutional and Administrative Law
1) To what extent, if any, has the UK’s membership of the European Union had an impact upon Professor Dicey’s traditional Parliamentary Supremacy doctrine?
Support your answer with reference to appropriate statutes, cases and academic authority.
1500 words excluding footnotes and bibliography

Land Law
2)Word Limit: 1500 words excluding footnotes and bibliography.
Theodore was the sole Registered Proprietor of Bladesworthy House. The House was a very large property in extensive grounds and included a number of small cottages. Recently Theodore sold the property to his cousin Abinadab. As Abinadab had achieved a bare pass grade in law at GCSE level he decided not to instruct a solicitor to do his conveyancing.

You are now consulted by Abinadab who is alarmed to discover the following third parties all claiming an interest in Bladesworthy House.

Using your knowledge of the rules relating to registration of title you are to identify the nature of the relevant interest and discuss whether the interest is binding on Abinadab

(i) The interest(s) of Theodore’s former partner Leslie. Leslie was not a legal owner, but has been living in Bladesworthy House with Theodore and now refuses to move out. She paid part of the deposit on Bladesworthy House and has use of a bedroom in the converted attic. However for several weeks up to and after the sale to Abindadab she was on a world cruise and could not be contacted

(ii) The interest of Archibald, to whom Theodore had recently granted a right to occupy a cottage situated in the grounds of Bladesworthy House for two years.

(iii) The interest of Theodore’s neighbour Helen to whom Theodore gave a right of way over his rear garden “until he tells her in writing that she can no longer have the right”. Theodore also signed a document with Helen that he would not use any of the small cottages that bordered Helen’s land for commercial purposes

(iv) The interest of Mark, to whom Theodore gave a 20 year right of occupation of a cottage in the grounds of Bladeworthy House in 2002 for a payment of £10,000 per annum

(v) The interest of Marina, Theodore’s niece who continues to occupy a room in Bladesworthy House on condition that she looks after it and keeps it tidy

Would your answer to paragraph (i) above differ if Theodore had been the joint owner of Bladesworthy House along with his estranged wife Ellen?

EU Law
Eat Healthy Ltd is a UK manufacturer of fruity milk and energy muesli. It has recently expanded and wants to export its products to other member states. In order to ensure its products arrive in perfect condition, they have taken the following steps. The energy muesli is placed in sealed plastic bags, whilst the fruity milk is either frozen, and contains only natural ingredients or unfrozen to which preservatives are added. All ingredients are listed on the packaging

Eat Healthy Ltd found their products very popular in Latvia and have had good sales until Latvia imposed a “ban” on the importation of any dairy products containing preservatives on public health grounds.

In addition, a new Latvian consumer protection law forbids the description of milk to all frozen milk.

Meanwhile, the energy muesli has been subject to long delays at the Latvian port whilst checks for health reasons were carried out. This involves opening random packets of energy muesli. Payment was required for the inspections and parking fees imposed on the lorries.

When Eat Healthy Ltd challenged these payments, they were told they were the equivalent of an internal tax imposed on domestic food products to finance a factory inspection system in Latvia

Advise Eat Healthy Ltd as to the application of EU law on the free movement of goods to this situation.

Word Limit 1500 words excluding footnotes and bibliography.

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