Posted: September 18th, 2017

Law essay

Mr Ungar meets with his solicitors on 5th March 2015 outlining the complaint he wishes to make
against Mr Maddison. His solicitors note that Mr Ungar has a possible claim for breach of contract
and that the relevant contract was signed on the 21st February 2010. Under the contract Mr
Maddison was expected to provide Mr Ungar with a vehicle on the 1
st March 2010. Mr Ungar
presented himself to collect the vehicle on the 2nd March 2010. On that date Mr Maddison’s
employee indicated that they could not supply the vehicle. Mr Maddison and Mr Ungar entered into
correspondence on the issue between 3rd March 2010 and 14th October 2014 at which point Mr
Ungar informed Mr Maddison that he was commencing legal action.
1. Locate the legislation which sets out limitation periods in English civil law.
2. Identify the relevant section(s) and other parts of the legislation which impose or modify
time limits on the scenario above.
3. Locate one key case on each of two of those legislative provisions that you have identified
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