Posted: September 17th, 2017


1- In what types of situations would you desire a leader with an authoritative style? In what types of situations would you desire a leader with a participative leadership style? What do your answers suggest about the need for formal leadership?

2- In general, do you think there are gender differences in leadership styles? If yes, what are these differences? What do you think lead to these stylistic differences?
Answer these question and i need 2 sources one for each one to support the answer. one paragraph is good for each.

3- Following are the various approaches to and contrast one references for each:•
-The Trait Approach

•The Behavioral Approach

•The Power and Influence Approach


4- One situation where an authoritative leadership style would be better would be for projects that need to get done quickly and efficiently or in emergency situations. If there is an authoritative leader it would be ideal for them to assign tasks to a group of employees and get the job done fast, that is if the leader knows the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. A participative leadership style is good for when a group of employees have more time to complete a project and change things within it, they have the time to ask the leader for feedback.

The trait approach is based off the traits that are held by individual leaders. Characteristics such as decisive, bold and pursuasive are common in leaders, the terms are used to organize behaviors. The behavioral approach are the actual actions taken by leaders in order to lead. Initiation of structure and consideration are factors related to the behaviors of leaders. The leader-member exchange theory describes the relationship between the leader and those that he/she leads. Leaders categorize their group members by skill, trustworthiness, and motivation for responsibility.

***do you agree or not with this write a paragraph with reference to support your statements.

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