Posted: September 17th, 2017


Answer the following questions and draw on both published research and examples of organisation practice to support your response in each case.

1. Critically evaluate the similarities and differences between the notions of management and leadership. Discuss and analyse how these similarities and differences influence the selection of approaches to the identification of development needs of managers at different stages of their careers in two different organisation contexts. (LO1/2)

2. Critically examine the factors shaping the formulation and implementation of leadership and management development policies and strategies in work organisations. (LO3)

3. Assess the relative advantages and disadvantages of two methods of leadership and management development commonly used in work organisations. Discuss and analyse the challenges in securing necessary support and resources for effective implementation and evaluation of one of these methods. (LO4)

The assessment HAS TO meet the LEARNING OUTCOMES that are:
1. Explain and critically analyse the concepts of leadership and management and their application in an organisational, social, environmental and multicultural context. (Question 1)

2. Evaluate, select and apply a range of approaches to identifying leadership and
management development needs in differing organisational contexts. (Question 1)

3. Critically analyse and evaluate approaches to the formulation and implementation of leadership and management development strategies to meet current and future organisational needs. (Question 2)

4. Design, critically evaluate and advise on a range of leadership and management development interventions to implement leadership and management development strategies and plans. (Question 3)


Q1: First part LO1: Differences between leader and manager. Some charachteristics may be the same for both.
Theories of Leadership & Management – highlight evolution ,similarities and differences between Leadership and Management.
Choose 2 case studies- 2 different organisational contexts (public/private sector).
Discuss overlapping (is there an evolution from manager to leader?).
Focus on strategy and its importance for L&M: strategy means culture? Culture means strategy? There is no correct answer it depends on the company.
Refer to Kotter (1994).
Refer to Warren Bennis (2009)”On becoming a leader”.
Second part LO2: Refer to Kotter – emotional associate to change (better results).
Factors- size,structure, where people are in terms of their career..
When this will be useful and why?
Groups? Put together senior managers and junior managers?
A leadership programme will involve this..
A management programme will invoilve this…

Q2: Management of change.
Kubler Ross model.
Lewin model – hihghlight criticism.
Kotter model – choose 2 or 3 phases, evaluate what they mean withouth describing them.
Find a link between two models integrating them (add steps from Kotter Model).
Social constructivism.
Highlight the importance of communication.
External environment (PESTLE).
SWOT analysis.
Consider size, sector, global reach, organisation goals, resources available, growth stage, preferred leadership style, ownership, organisational culture – analytical depth. Not all of them, 3 or 4 factors.

Q3: Definition of formal and informal learning initiatives.
Choose 2 methods(coaching,mentoring,action learning sets,assessment centres..), justufy why they have been chosen, advantages and disadvantages of each one (references).
Use case studies to evaluate methods, include theories and models.
Second part of the question: stakeholder analysis – who to target?
The importance of evaluation at the end of each initiative – difficulties of each method.

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