Posted: September 17th, 2017

Leadership in Action and Theories/Concept

The paper should be in such a way that it reads like it came from one person. Avoid simply cutting and pasting the experiences of team members together. Find commonalities or differences among the experiences of members and write about them.

Read all the attachments; the 4 different experiences regarding each team member volunteer job, pull out examples from all the 4 papers and explains the Theories/Concepts and how it relates to the 4 different volunteer experiences. So that when someone reads it, it does not seems as if it was just copied and pasted. It should read as like it came from one person. (Just focus on the theory/concepts, connecting the 4 different experiences together “Commonalities and differences”). Explain the Theories/ Concepts, How the Three theories were applied, explained, and the pros/cons of the theories that were presented. Must Pull out examples from the different team members papers.


1) Servant Leadership
2) Communication
3) Encouragement/praise/positive re-enforcement (MOTIVATION THEORY)

You can use as much examples and references from the attached papers to support the 3 theories/concept used (Servant leadership, communication, Encouragement/praise/positive re-inforcement “the motivation theory)
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