Posted: September 17th, 2017

Leadership Style

Please use the same company as the last  paper if possible and reach out to me if you have any questions.

Textbook used for Course The Leadership Experience by Daft
Description: Select an organization such as your work, school, or other company to which you have access. Use your text as a reference to describe and analyze the leadership styles in that organization.

The discussion may focus on one manager/leader or compare and contrast two specific managers in the organization. Your description 
Of leadership should include the manager’s knowledge of individual and group behavior and ability to motivate and communicate. 
Describe their ability to alter leadership styles by referring to 
situational leadership theory in chapter 3 of your text. Your discussion should include an analysis and observation of how and when the leader/manager employs  each of the four styles listed below
(these may be Level 2 headings in the Analysis section)

The Telling or Directing style
The Selling or Coaching style
The Participating or Supporting style 
The Delegating style

In each of the four cases provide your assessment of manager/leader effectiveness as you consider follower developmental or “readiness” level

Requirements: Page must be at least 6 pages not including reference page
Use 12 point times new roman
Use One inch margins
Should come out to 1500 to 1800 words and documented using APA style

Specific description (assembling the paper):Use level 1 and level 2 headings for the sections shown in these instructions. The paper should consist of the following sections:

Introduction –(Level 1 heading) describe the purpose of the paper by 
identifying your organization and clearly stating your thesis. 
This is the information that you will show or prove about the organization. A thesis might include a statement such as “The XYZ 
Corporation’s leadership is well-founded and preparing for success
in the future” or,“The xyz corporation has several leadership flaws that might limit success in the future.” Note that your analysis section will provide support for this thesis (or opinion)and your conclusion will 
describe how you proved your position.Size: About one page total. 

Background–(Level 1 heading) provide some historical perspective for the organization.You should research and include references that provide this background information. Size: About one page total.

Analysis–(Level 1 heading) your discussion of several leadership 
Styles will be included in this section. You may focus on one or two specific leaders or the leadership as a whole. Use Level 2 headings as needed in this section for describing different leaders and/or styles. 

Note that many students plan to describe personal observations or Experiences with the leadership at their place of work as implied in these instructions. However, please understand that it is a research
paper, it is NOT a vehicle for merely expressing YOUR opinions on various leadership styles. Specifically,this paper offers the opportunity to report on an observed style and then present the research on how the experts evaluate its effectiveness in the given situation.
Consequently, avoid writing an “autobiography” simply describing your personal experiences and opinions on the styles. 
You may express your personal opinions in the conclusion but limit the body of your research report to examining how the researchers have assessed the styles you are observing and describing. 
Finally, these instructions state you must cite a leadership book (other than your text) and a scholarly journal article. Consequently, you must reference these expert opinions along with any of your observations or personal experiences. The approach you may use to accomplish this is to first explain how you or other managers are leading in various situations. Then, in each situation you present, follow-up your discussion with a comparison to how the style is or is not consistent with what researchers (experts) say about it. You will then give credit to these experts via in-text citations and list them in the 

Size: This is the main body of your research paper so prepare about one page each for the four leadership styles,four pages total.

Conclusion–(Level 1 heading) 
Discuss how your thesis was proved or demonstrated and provide the lessons learned from the subject.
You may provide opinions here.
Size: About one page.

References-At least four (4) sources must be cited and included in a 
References page. You may include your text as one of these. 
The sources will not include encyclopedias or dictionaries, although these sources may be used in addition to the others.
Use primary sources whenever possible. Sources may 
include academic journals, books, articles (from major publications and newspapers), and appropriate Internet sites
At least one leadership book (other than your text) and one journal article must be included (electronic or hardcopy) You should also expect to include expert documentation 

(personal interviews) in this paper so you should become familiar with how to cite and  reference them.
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