Posted: September 17th, 2017

Lean Operations Cell Design & Future State map

Lean Operations Cell Design & Future State map

Assignment 3 – Cell Design & Future State map

Learning Objective:

Assignment 3 will contribute to the module objectives listed below

•    Use value stream mapping to appraise the current state and to develop a vision for the future

•    Design single piece flow cells

•    Apply lean techniques to the visual management and control of a manufacturing system.

Assessment Time        Approximately 30 hours

Read Automotive Components (RAC) Continued

Assignment 2 resulted in a critical appraisal of the current state of  Read Automotive Components (RAC) . A current state map was developed and the waste within the system was identified.

The next stage in a lean assessment is to eliminate the waste and to make value flow. Continuing with the RAC data sheet from assignment 2:

1.    Identify the areas for flow

2.    Design cellular manufacture providing detailed information for each cell such as; yamazumi boards, walk diagrams, standard operations etc.

3.    Demonstrate your vision for the future using value stream mapping.

4.    Propose an implementation plan

5.    Assess the benefits.

The report should be presented as a formal technical report to include a summary, introduction, main body of your report, discussion and conclusions.

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