Posted: September 17th, 2017

Lean Supply Chain in Oil Industry

You are supposed to make two interviews ( not 10 as said in the Methodology chapter ) with two oil company in Saudi Arabia. The two companies are:1- Al khafji joint operations (
2- Samref (
Appendix 1: Sample Interview Questions
1. What are some of the leanest strategies and processes that your company has incorporated in the oil production process?
2. Please explain the lean supply chain processes incorporated in your company and some of the inefficiencies associated with the processes.
3. What are some of the factors that are used in the maintenance of the costs and processes in your industry?
4. How effective is the lean process in managing the resources used in the oil and gas industry?
5. What are some of the constraints and regulations in the management of lean production?
6. What are some of the shortcomings in application of lean in the satisfaction of the demands by the customers?
7. What are some of the recommendations in the improvement of lean in the company and the industry?
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