Posted: September 13th, 2017

Linear Programming Project

Linear Programming Project

Please first read ch7, ch8 pages 309-361 and ch9 pages 363-423 on this website –>,+Finance,+and+Operations+Management&source=bl&ots=6NLDBzIaQJ&sig=ESVGEviaX6K66ZLNn5RZk3PpTgw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAmoVChMI_Nyj_ufpxgIVzKOUCh2GHgzH#v=onepage&q=Chapter%209%3A%20Linear%20programming%3A%20Applications%20in%20Marketing%2C%20Finance%2C%20and%20Operations%20Management&f=false

AND THEN follow the project instructions under the word document named Tea Making Project Summer Instructions. Please also read the word document named Project 2 Rubrics and make sure all the requirements are met. There are three parts to this project and each part has its own questions within. I have highlighted the important parts inside the word document so please read carefully and answer them. Also include excel files spreadsheet with each part of the project and explanation along with it.
How can the process and scorecards be improved? (i.e., Both discuss your suggestions in the text, and show your suggestions in revised strategy maps and scorecards.)
What is your recommended set of action plans and implementation priorities?

•    Case Question: Ellen Bright, CEO of Transworld Auto Parts has initiated a process to enhance the company’s execution and strategic effectiveness by using a strategy map and balanced scorecard process. Bright has asked for your help to determine how each of the two divisions is actually performing using these scorecards. (Your paper must include a revised strategy map and balanced scorecard for the luxury division either in the paper or as an appendix; the appendix will not count towards the page limit.)
•    Preparation: In framing your recommendations, consider the following:
o    Which division manager has done a better job with the balanced scorecard project? Why?
o    Which division is performing better relative to its strategy and goals? Why?
o    How can the process and scorecards be improved? (i.e., Both discuss your suggestions in the text, and show your suggestions in revised strategy maps and scorecards.)
o    What is your recommended set of action plans and implementation priorities?
Good case analysis requires you to study the case carefully, sift through and compare the relevant facts, establish the most important criteria that should be used to evaluate alternatives, and then compare alternative courses of action would lead to organizational success. Here are some things that together make up a great case analysis:
•    Take the position of an insider to management. Each briefing is to be set up as an executive memo. Your write-up is designed to set out your own set of recommendations to management. Set out your own priorities and criteria and explain why those are the relevant from your lens.
•    Put yourself in the moment. You are to analyze the situation as if you were in the middle of it, at that time, with the facts and opinions presented as they are in the case. When we do cases, you should not go ahead and see “what happened” after the case was published. I am happy to fill you in, but what a company actually did is not really as important to your learning as the path by which it got there.
•    Synthesize and integrate facts, priorities and opinions. I give you a set of questions to help you think through the issues. Do not answer the questions one by one, but use them to identify the core issues facing the company. Knit your thoughts together and address your recommendations explicitly to management or to the Board.
•    Use the facts in the case to buttress your arguments. We all will read the case. You do not need repeat the history and background, but pull out what is salient to your own argument.
•    Show that the recommendations are realistic. Demonstrate that your recommendations “fit” the company’s capabilities or show how your recommendations will augment or challenge the existing capabilities of the company.
•    Demonstrate that this can be executed and implemented. Your memo must include a short action plan that moves beyond the recommendations and demonstrates that you know what the next steps are. Your recommendations tell me the “what” and “why”, but then complete this by building in a short action plan that shows specific detailed implementation steps and priorities – the “who”, “when” and “how”.
•    Communicate with strong business writing. You may have great ideas, but if you cannot explain them and sell them, they are not worth much. You must be able to explain what and why in a compelling fashion, using excellent writing. This means that I do put weight on the structure, coherence and presentation aspects of the memo as well

In terms of format, each briefing must be between 2 to 3 single-spaced pages. Your paper should be legible — no compressed fonts, nothing below 10 point font, clear margins of no less than 1-inch. You are required to put extra information and analyses in an appendix, which will not be counted toward the page limit. Items appropriate for appendices are not core case questions; but instead tables and figures that “show your work” (i.e., a table outlining your PESTEL and/or 5 Forces analysis, any financial analyses, scorecards, et al.).

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