Posted: September 17th, 2017

Literature Review

At this point of the course, you should have identified a research topic and are refining your research question for your final project. The purpose of this assignment is to help you explore the literature that is relevant to your proposed final project. This assignment will also familiarize you with the process of gathering literature from online and library searches and synthesizing the important themes from the literature to provide you with a solid grounding on your final. Please strive to include the following:
• Identify some important questions from your final project topic that you wish to answer
• Identity six articles (or book chapters) that address the issues you identified. Please note, you may have to read through more than 6 articles to find the top six relevant articles for your project.
• Provide a brief description of each study
• Identify and provide key findings (or how the article/chapter/report)
support your argument
The structure for your assignment should look something like this:
1) Introduction
a. 2-3 sentences introducing the literature review. This is where you
want to specify if you have chosen a particular geographic area or other imitations you have placed on your research. You should also address the question you are seeking to answer.
b. Answer the question: What is the purpose of this literature review?
i. Review chapter 4 of The Craft of Research for additional help
2) Methodology and key sources
a. What were the limitations of the lit review?
b. What sources were reviewed?
c. What are their significance or relevance?
d. This should be in a proper citation format (use one of these online
resources for proper citation punctuation and format)
3) Literature summary
a. This should be a paragraph or more if necessary, per item
b. Summary of key points
c. Logical organization
i. By source or topic
4) Key findings
a. Summarize key findings from all the items included in your literature review. This can be in the form of bullet points.
b. What is the more important information as it pertains to your research question?
c. What is most relevant to the goals of this review?
d. Do multiple sources support similar findings?
DON’T JUST GOOGLE! Go back and listen to Ken’s presentation and use the Antioch Library to find sources. If you need additional help finding your sources, I strongly encourage you to make an appointment with the library staff.
Writing: One of the goals of any writing assignment is to assess your writing abilities. So please pay attention to spelling, grammar, and formatting. I will provide feedback using the following rubric:
• Clarity of ideas – pay attention to where and when you introduce information. Please also pay attention to the structure of your literature review. Does the order make sense?
• Completeness – did you include all the items requested above? Does your literature review address the question you are posing?
• Succinctness – are you able to convey your ideas in a clear and concise manner? Have you included the most important information?
• Writing mechanics (spelling, grammar, formatting, citations)

So my topic on this assignment is Affordable housing and if you look at the previous order of mine which was company analysis of SAJE organization, my instructor thinks I should build my research questions on continuing with what I have shown in SAJE analysis report of tenant clinic. It’s t
Like that one was report of all these low income residents and now I’m being focused on affordable housing which will be great for the low income residents only of there will be enough for everyone.
So feel free to come up with research questions since I have none right now because the literature review is really trying to answer those research questions

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