Posted: September 13th, 2017

Literature review and brand performance appraisal

Literature review and brand performance appraisal

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MKT2006 Brand Management

Assignment 2: Literature review and brand performance appraisal

This assignment requires you to write about Brand extension
, then choose the brand (Amwaj perfume) appropriate to the area selected (i.e. a brand that has attempted to develop on the internet or that has attempted to extend in some way) and develop a critical review of the brands performance. ( Amwaj started with fragrance then Bath and Home)

To inform your appraisal, this assignment requires you to first carry out an academic literature review on the area chosen.

– Brand extension

The literature review needs to do more than discuss the views of leading writers on the aspect you have chosen (with a focus on journal articles, at least 10). You have to critically appraise the literature and contribute your own views both on areas for further research and recommendations for improving brand performance.

More detailed assessment criteria can be seen on the grade sheet and level 5 grade criteria below.

The structure of the assignment should be :
1- Introduction (around 200 words)
– Definition, Interesting quote, …… what the report paper about, ext
2- Litterer review (around 1500 words)
3- Brand case study (around 750)
– Should be highlight what in litterer
4- Recommendation
– If they are not doing well how we can let them do
5- Conclusion

Notes :
– should highlight different issues/ concept in topic
– compare and contrast different authors view and issues
– explain why you have focused on some authors and excluded others
– group authors who have similar conclusion
– criticise aspects of mythology (interview , focus group)

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