Posted: September 18th, 2017

Literature review medication administration errors in hospital/ clinical settings

This task requires you to conduct a more in-depth literature review in the topic of ” medication administration errors in hospital/ clinical settings“. Couch your topic using PICO format (problem; intervention; comparison of interventions; outcome).
Conduct and discuss a literature search and review the literature relating to your defined question.
Critically evaluate the literature found. Critically evaluate the strengths, limitations and remaining
knowledge gaps from the research study, making recommendations for further research in this area.
you should review at least 20 peer reviewed journal articles only.

Marking Criteria
1. Clinical question is clearly defined using PICO format

2. Articulation of search strategy including selection criteria

3. Literature is critically evaluated

4. Primary and secondary sources of evidence are identified

5. Highlights trends, themes and gaps in the literature

6. Demonstration of synthesis, analysis and application of literature to selected problem

7. Reflects the body of research rather than individual findings

8. Written work is of the required length and is presented in the correct format

9. Submission is written in a manner consistent with academic essay writing

10. Spelling and grammar are correct

11. Written communication is concise and avoids unnecessary repetition

12. Content is appropriately objective and demonstrates a critical approach to the subject matter

13. Sources and quotes are acknowledged and referenced according to APA 6th reference style

14. Sources used to support information are reputable and current
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