Posted: September 18th, 2017

literature review on 5 different and distinct emerging themes on Property

You are required to submit a report that presents a literature review on 5 different and distinct emerging themes in your area of specialisation(Property) and identify the research gaps/problems and propose indications for future research within each theme. You can choose any 5 different and distinct emerging themes yourself after reading the literature in your research domain. Ideally, the 5 emerging themes selected will be diverse and contemporary.
You will need to use the literature searching skills introduced in lectures and tutorials to identify the relative academic or public publications.
You should use the literature analysing and presentation skills introduced during lectures and tutorials to present the literature review.
You will apply your critical thinking skills during the review process and when presenting arguments raised by different authors. In your review you will be required to synthesise the range of arguments you identify through your review of the literature for each emerging theme.
In summary, this assessment task requires you to produce a literature review in which you analyse and synthesise key peer reviewed literature relevant to your domain. The key purpose of your literature review is to enable you to identify the research gaps/problems that relate to your research topics and to
situate your topics in the context of current literature.

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