Posted: September 17th, 2017

Low high school graduation rates are those of minorities (Black and Latino Males)

Low high school graduation rates are those of minorities (Black and Latino Males)

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It has been observed that the extremely low graduation rates are those of minorities. The public still remains unaware of all the problems facing these students and the issues that are going on which require immediate attention. Not surprisingly New York has a low graduation rate, especially among Black and Hispanic students. This is not only true for New York; this is a nationwide problem. In addition it would be powerful to conduct a qualitative research on an urban school to discover what are some of its initiatives to empower minority youth. This analysis will help illuminate, create and promote programs that support our youth, while at the same time curbing the rate of Blacks and Hispanics that are dropping out of school and ending up in jail. I will be testing my theory/hypothesis through a case study of high school potential dropouts, determining why they are close to dropping out and looking at ways to prevent it. A focus of this analysis could be on academic intervention and how we support our struggling African American and Latino males. Please see the exam question below. Please find attached to this document a paper that was started with some ideas and needs more work. Instructions This exam question requires you to demonstrate your new knowledge and understanding of the topic of, purposes for, and approaches to qualitative research. Please answer the following question based on your coursework and additional readings in approximately 15 typed, double-spaced pages, not including references. Please use APA 6 style for all references and citations, as well as a 12-point font. Your paper should have a scholarly tone in accordance with APA 6th edition style. Exam Question As a qualitative researcher, you have become aware of the large number of students who are dropping out of high school (or college), which is a serious problem on many levels. You have, therefore, decided to design a qualitative study to exam the problem with the following foci: (1) Develop some possible research questions for this study. (2) How might you go about determining and selecting your population? Describe how you might gain access to this population. (3) What qualitative approach (or approaches) would you use to conduct this study? Why use this approach (or approaches)? (4) Describe your data collection procedures. (5) Describe in detail the way that you would analyze the qualitative data. (6) Explain how you would increase the validity of your qualitative data. (7) To what degree is your study a replication of other studies or how might it be original?

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