Posted: September 17th, 2017

: Macroecon Problem

Topic: Macroecon Problem

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In a closed agricultural economy, a new water source has been discovered that is expected to
provide a steady supply of water for the crops and thereby increasing expected output in the
future. Assuming no other changes in the economy, answer the following questions using the
Classical IS-LM model.
1. What market(s) is/are effected in the Classical IS-LM framework? (3 points)
2. Describe in words what the general equilibrium is. (3 points)
3. What happens to bring the economy back to general equilibrium? (3 points)
4. Draw the movements in the Classical IS-LM framework. Label your graph carefully. (5
Econ 2102
Summer 2015
5. What happens to the real interest rate and output? (2 points)
6. What happens to employment? (1 point)
7. What happens to savings, investment, and consumption? (3 points)
8. Suppose you are a Classical economist and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board,
who’s goal is to stabilize the economy’s output (i.e., keep the economy at the fullemployment
equilibrium) what would be your policy recommendation? Why? (4 points)
9. Draw the movements of the same shock, assuming it is unanticipated, under the
misperceptions theory in the AD-AS framework. Clearly label your graph. (5 points)
10. What is different about the AD-AS model based on the misperceptions theory compared
with the Classical AD-AS model? Why? (3 points)
11. Describe the short-run and long-run equilibriums, if any.

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