Posted: December 5th, 2013

Major lndustries

Design project: Major lndustries of a country +related booklet Primary and secondary industries of your country
1. design project
mini assignment has two parts both worth
1. completed product 60%
2. Written discussion of your design considerations. 40%
Topic: the
distribution ofthe major industries of your country Requirements for product total mark forfinished product 50% This Design project as two
1. An information Design on A3 format showing the distribution ofthe major primary and secondary industries of your country,
which is united Arab emirates (UAE)
The target audiences are business people.
a. the map should be colour coded
b. the industries are to
be depicted via the use of pictograms
c. a title that clearly indicates what the map is about i. subheading as required
d. a key
clarifying the pictograms used to represent the industries
e. A graph showing the proportional distribution i. a key clarifying the graph
f. a logo orflag ofthe country
2. a small 6 page booklet which will be used in conjunction with the map to provide appropriate
information about the each major industry a. the map and booklet should allow easy cross referencing
The 6 page brochure/booklet
should have – a cover page that clearly shows it relation to the map
a contents page
for each major industry create a page which
provides clear and worthwhile information
Use supporting images (photographic), pull quotes, body text to develop a full and clear
an end page provides appropriate support information
government departments
information sources
The booklet
is to be formatted and address a business audience Appropriate layout using page properties
headings and subheadings
headers and footers
page numbers
bulleted lists
Do your research on your
country, its industries and the geographical regions where these are found.
Write a short summary ofthese. Also, find images, graphics
and textual information for your design.
Research other similar maps and booklets.
Research into designs that can help you with
your project – Make design notes on – Similar maps, layouts of booklets to the one you are to design – E.g. colour schemes, layout
structures, typography, use ofwhitespace, images, quotes etc
Gather- any materials (photos, drawings, etc.) to commence digital
work on your booklet
Information about yourtarget audience.
Your written considerations 50%
a. written description i. Which shows
questioning ofthe brief
ii. Research forthe design and topic
iii. ldeation and optional solutions
iv. Refinement and development
b. A
black and white copy and a colour copy ofthe map layout
You should begin considerations ofthe design.
a. by deciding what is the
purpose of your map and booklet i. also considerwhat secondary purposes it may serve
ii. who is the target audience for your map and
b. what types ofinformation content will the map and booklet provide this audience
c. decide the style and thematic treatment of
your map and booklet
d. Think ofwhat content you will need forthe map and booklet: text, graphics, graphs, images, notes these should
address the issues decided in points listed in the requirements above.
e. you should also think ofthe color scheme, the character ofthe
typography you plan to use, the type of graphic or imageryyou want to use
f. What layout format you will use for your map and booklet. a.
Grid to be used
b. Think ofthe proportions ofthe layout
g. consider all design issues a. information and visual hierarchy, visual flow,
b. the main, secondary and focal points and other accented points
c. What type of balance will you use, symmetrical or asymmetrical
Placement, Grouping and Alignment issues
d. Think of unity, harmony and consistency ofthe design
Remember Unity, Harmony, consistency,
flow, hierarchy, focal points and any other relevant principles that help organize you booklet design These considerations should be
documented in a report format.
Provide references in the correct APA format

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