Posted: September 17th, 2017

Management Information System

Management Information System

Use all what you will write about in my powerpoint presentation. So, please try to come up with a more information as much as you can..

Pick one of these topic for the research,
– Global Systems
– Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems
– IT Infrastructure and emerging Technologies
– Business analytics and data visualization
– Business intelligence
– Collaborative computer-supported technologies
– Knowledge management
– Securing Information Systems
– Data Management Technology
– Digital Dashboards
– Supply Chain Management Systems
– Spyware
– Ecommerce
– Project Management Software

And my presentation slides will be about:
– What is the topic about
– How is the topic used
– Examples of uses
– Advantages & Disadvantages
– Future of topic
– Tables, Charts, Pictures
– citations

write like ( Advantages & Disadvantages ) and the information below.

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