Posted: September 17th, 2017

Management of Software Projects

Management of Software Projects

Introduction to the Scenario
Management Training (NMT) is a spin-off training company from a large University based in central UK . It has successfully offered a wide variety of commercial management courses on a fairly ad hoc and to be honest rather disorganised basis. It now seeks to leverage its presence in the market place and take the next step of expanding its course offerings and it aims to become a leading centre of management training in the central belt of UK.
To assist in this endeavour – senior management have established that marketing and promotion is going to be key. Fundamental to the promotional elements is the establishment of a comprehensive web site that would provide the following basic functionality

1 – Full conformance with all standard web usability criteria. A Report is required which outlines these criteria and shows how the proposed web site will conform. (1000 words)

2- As this project is a proof-of-concept a report is required indicating your recommendations for a cost-effective hosting and maintenance solution (500 words)

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