Posted: September 18th, 2017

Managerial Communication

MBA501 Quiz Week 7 Chapter 5






  1. Select the most formally worded statement.


  1. I’ll look into the problem and will try to come up with a solution that is feasible.
  2. I’ll send you the report after I’ve analyzed it thoroughly.
  3. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll send you an updated version when time permits.
  4. I will consult with my superiors on the matter and report back to you by tomorrow.
  5. FYI, I’ve sent the final document to the client as you had stated in your previous mail.






  1. The you-viewpoint:


  1. should typically be avoided in a business communication.
  2. emphasizes the writer’s perspective.
  3. cannot be used in sentences containing the words “we” and “mine.”
  4. places the writer at the center of things.
  5. is specially important when delivering bad-news messages.






  1. You have received an email from a customer who claims that his package contained a size ‘M’ T-shirt as opposed to the size ‘L’ T-shirt that he had ordered. Which of the following openings handles the subject most positively?


  1. A replacement size ‘L’ T-shirt has been shipped and will reach you by tomorrow.
  2. We are sorry but we could not entertain your order.
  3. We are sorry, we will be sending a replacement at the earliest that is of the size you ordered.
  4. The error is because of a newly hired employee who is unfamiliar with our system.
  5. A size ‘L’ version of your T-shirt was unavailable, hence a size ‘M’ version was shipped.






  1. Which of the following statements is least conversational?


  1. Here is a detailed cost analysis for the proposed project.
  2. I cannot quote the exact requirements for the project, but here are the estimates.
  3. Enclosed is the spreadsheet with all the elements of the project and corresponding costs.
  4. Enclosed please find an estimate whose confirmation will aid the procedures of the project.
  5. I’ve attached a preliminary estimate of our requirements for this project.






  1. Which of the following statements is most conversational?


  1. Enclosed please find the details of the products about which you had enquired previously.
  2. You will find the details of the products you had enquired about enclosed within the document.
  3. In accordance to your request, I herewith attach details of those specific products.
  4. This is to acknowledge receipt of your request for product details which will be addressed.
  5. Kindly find attached information related to products that you have expressed interest in.






  1. In which of the following cases will the style of communication be least formal?


  1. Writing a crisis response or official reprimand.
  2. Communicating with someone at a higher level than the writer.
  3. Communicating with a letter, long report, or external proposal.
  4. Communicating with a well-acquainted co-worker or associate of the writer.
  5. Writing a ceremonial message, such a commendation or inspirational announcement.






  1. Important information can best be emphasized by including it:


  1. in the middle statement of the middle paragraph.
  2. in long, convoluted sentences.
  3. in the middle statement of the last paragraph.
  4. in a dependent clause or modifying phrases.
  5. in the last statement of the last paragraph.






  1. Which of the following best exemplifies the we-viewpoint?


  1. You must specify the color of the product to complete the purchase order.
  2. The package you ordered will reach you by the end of this week.
  3. We will do our best to assist you with your problem.
  4. If you do not return the item within the specified date, you will be fined.
  5. Our policy ensures that your family members get all the benefits that you do.








  1. Which of the following statements handles its subject most negatively?


  1. We have the cell phone you have requested in other colors.
  2. We do not have the cell phone you have requested.
  3. Only the red and blue versions of the cell phone are currently available.
  4. You will be notified as soon as we have your requested product in stock again.
  5. You can book in advance for the next batch of the requested product.






  1. Which of the following statements avoids the use of rubber stamps?


  1. Please feel free to contact me for any further clarifications.
  2. Thank you for choosing us.
  3. The MP3 player you requested, will reach you latest by Monday.
  4. I deeply appreciate your assistance and cooperation in this matter.
  5. I will be happy to clarify any queries you may have for me.


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