Posted: September 18th, 2017

Managerial Communication

Managerial Communications MBA501

Final Project – Business Proposal – Going Green in the Federal Government

Assignment Week Seven:  Recommendation

Learning Objectives –

  • Recognize ways that communication strategies impact management functions
  • Evaluate approaches used to communicate complex concepts


Directions:  Your RECOMMNEDATIONS section proposes or evaluates solutions and recommends one or two regarding the problem you have identified in preceding sections.


Information contained in the recommendations section might include:

  • a timeline for getting the work accomplished
  • a suggestion for estimated costs
  • advice on the team or committee that would oversee the project
  • the communications that would need to be implemented corporate wide to inform employees of the new changes
  • ideas for employee training if appropriate
  • recommendations for bringing in consultants
  • guidance for hiring new employees if necessary


Be sure to cite your sources with appropriate in-text citations.  It is estimated that your RECOMMENDATIONS section will be two pages long – double spaced

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