Posted: September 17th, 2017

Managing company expansion into new countries (fictional company)


Analyze the impact of a company expanding from only operating in one country to operating in 3 countries.
Two parts
Part One – case study (1000 words)
The first part should take the form of a short descriptive case study; the aim of this should be to outline the nature (expanding of a company), scope (expanding from New Zealand into America and Asia) and extent of the change considered along with the typical key stakeholders (i.e. C-Level, new GMs, first employees of the new location, first visitors form the existing location to the new location), milestones (i.e. opening second office in America and 3rd office in Asia, hiring first employee, signing first contract, establishing first intercompany workflows) and issues (i.e. communication between existing office; how to export the existing culture to the new locations)
The case should conclude with three questions for discussion/further study.

1. How was the change communicated and introduced to the existing stakeholders
2. How where employees concern addressed within the company
3. How did the change affect the company culture?
4. …

It is likely that the use of academic literature in the case study will be limited, but draw on some aspects of the literature to illustrate the nature of the change

Part Two – teaching note/model answers (1000 words)
The second part of your assignment should contain the following information:
1. An outline of the main learning points contained in your case from a change management perspective.
2. Brief answers to the questions identified at the end of the case, with reference to the academic literature.
3. link the issues in your case to relevant models, concepts and theories.
4. A reference list of all sources referred to, including any used in Part 1.

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